low carbon economy

This is a little different from my usual tech natter

Ive spent the last 4 months working solidly on our company website, transforming it into a usable useful resource, and there is much much more to come.
But for now I think what we have is a vast improvement on what was there.

I proudly present the Low Carbon Economy Ltd


Please feel free to leave commits for feature request, problems, issues, bugs, and anything else you think might help us in the fight to help this site grow.

The SQL Server Service Broker for the current database is not enabled

Easy fix for this common little error.

The SQL Server Service Broker for the current database is not enabled, and as a result query notifications are not supported. Please enable the Service Broker for this database if you wish to use notifications

Simply Execute the following against the target DB

If the above statement results in an error try the following

jquery textarea autoresize

I was looking for the cool factor that you get when you use facebook to respond to wall posts

The closest I came to was this chap .James Padolsey who wrote a nice plugin for textarea resizing

The only thing I added was the ability to paste content into the textarea, I’ve written to him so hopefully he’ll update his plugin.
If not heres where you update the plugin.
Look for the textarea .bind list and change it to :>

user control is ambiguous in the namespace ‘ASP’

This one was a particular pain.

Long story short try this in your web config

Set batch=”false” under compilation

This will allow you to drill further into the problem, its not a particularly desirable attribute to set in production.

Visual Studio VS 2010 not stopping at breakpoints

Ever wondered why suddenly you cannot debug because the compiler isnt breaking on your breakpoints.

There are several reasons for this.

make sure that.
1. Your project is compiling when you begin debugging (check this in build > configuration manager)
2. Ensure your projects are compiling in debug mode not release (check this in build >configuration manager)
3. In the Webconfig ensure you are in debug mode

4. The (project properties > startup options > debuggers has the ASP.NET checkbox checked)
5. Delete all pdb files in your bin folder
6. Ensure every project referenced is set to build under (build > configuration manager)
7. Do a full clean and rebuild. (build > clean solution) (build > rebuild solution)

Finally and this is the one that caught me out
8. Check you are not setting a cookie cache timeout of positive time, I was expiring my page after 1 day. The best way to check this is to load a page in debug, knowing your break point will not be stopped at. Once the page is fully loaded hit ctrl F5 to force full reload of the page. If your breakpoint is stopped at then you know its a cache problem.