numark dj2go traktor midi map

This is the midi mapping I created for the Numark dj2go

I’ve mapped all the essential controls to the best Traktor controls possible bar the folder navigation jog and the back and enter key.

I couldn’t find a map anywhere online, though I did see many posts discussing mapping to deck C and D. This mapping has mapped to Deck A and B

[UPDATE] : the sync buttons were mapped but were not correctly set, I have changed them from “hold” to “toggle” so the sync is toggled on and off.
Traktor Midi Map for DJ2GO.tsi

[UPDATE]: Numark have released their version of the midi map here

People have been complaining about it though – so i might blend the two together.

How to pull together ASP.NET, jQuery, ashx, SQL

I want to cover something that is very detailed and not for the faint hearted.
You will need a moderate to advanced understanding of ASP.NET forms based web applications, javascript and the jQuery library, .NET handlers, transact and stored procedures in SQL Server.
If you stick around and read this article to the end, you will gain a solid grasp of:

1. Understand how to use the power of MS SQL Server full text searching, leveraged with jQuery via .NET
2. learn how to use the jQuery tmpl library to its full potential
3. learn how to use .NET handlers making use of datacontract and datamember applied to classes, serialising and deserialising to and from JSON.
4. Understand concepts employed when designing for high traffic scaleable web apps
5. pickup some nice tips, tricks, concepts and design methodologies that will stay with you and take you forward

Ok in a nutt shell i will be explaining how to build the search engine i have just single handedly built in 2 months, thanks to the power of .NET, jQuery and SQL server without which this would not have been possible.
You can see how it works by typing something in the search box here
If you just had a look, im sure you’ll agree its pretty cool. If your an ultra geek and decided to snoop into the code, good luck its hugely compressed and minified, if you wanted help with anything, just ask me.

So lets begin.. oh wait, i dont have time to continue right now…. watch this space for updates