numark dj2go traktor midi map

This is the midi mapping I created for the Numark dj2go

I’ve mapped all the essential controls to the best Traktor controls possible bar the folder navigation jog and the back and enter key.

I couldn’t find a map anywhere online, though I did see many posts discussing mapping to deck C and D. This mapping has mapped to Deck A and B

[UPDATE] : the sync buttons were mapped but were not correctly set, I have changed them from “hold” to “toggle” so the sync is toggled on and off.
Traktor Midi Map for DJ2GO.tsi

[UPDATE]: Numark have released their version of the midi map here

People have been complaining about it though – so i might blend the two together.

10 thoughts on “numark dj2go traktor midi map”

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, im going to be picking this up tomorrow night before a gig and this will save me alot of time (hopefully)…how do you like the unit so far?

  2. Hey Andre

    Thanks for that…I just bought this little toy and have been wondering how in the hell I would do the mapping.

  3. Awesome.

    One question: How do you navigation from the folder tree to the song list? I could not figure that out.

    Second question: When turning knobs I’ve noted that clockwise will bring selection down. It seems like you have it reversed. Is it possible for you to map the browse knob opposite?



  4. On my Mac the right side buttons do not light up with this mapping.

    If I learn how to remap I’ll probably take the Numark map and tweak it to have your jog wheel and cue controls.

    For now, I think I’ll go back to the Numark map. 🙂

  5. Hi people

    I was in a hurry when i made this map. There is plenty left to do. But instead of remapping for traktor, i donwloaded virtualdjpro free trial, it’s the perfect software, even for video djs. Which is perfect for this midi kit. I plan on getting a traktor s4. But djing is not my career so it’s time consuming. I can show you how to map in traktor it’s very simple. Should i make a video tutorial?

  6. This is an excellent map. Thank you! I have one question, though:

    How can you make the steps shorter for the jog wheels? It seems that they jump from one point on the wave abruptly to another rather than moving smoothly along the song. I would appreciate this clarification.

  7. with the lights..u gotta go into mapping and duplicate the buttons then were it says toggle,direct and stuff like that go to LED!! then they shld be up and ready to use

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