TFS 2010 Installation guide & post install tweaks

If you need a good guide to install TFS 2010 then you need to download the guide from this location

Once you have followed the parts you need to, you might want to do as I did and make a few changes.

I also needed to do a few extra bits to have the functionality I required delivered to the server and TFS clients

  • Visual Studio 2010 and MSSQLMS (Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio) need to connect to TFS
  • VS 2010 must also compile and debug javascript/jquery in the background as much as it does for the .NET object model
  • I want to get the most out of my dev team so I am also going to install a couple of VS2010 extensions to make them work faster and more efficiently
  • The TFS 2010 server is going to have some handy Administration tools installed
  • TFS will also have Team Explorer 2010 installed and TFS 2010 service Pack
  • Use a FQDN for connectivity rather than machine name to access TFS requires loopback be disabled

So to begin with lets list the software and the download locations

loopback cure


add a REG_DWORD named “DisableLoopbackCheck”” and set it to decimal value 1



add a REG_MULTI_SZ and enter each domain name on new lines to allow loopback on only those domains

Changing Sharepoint URLs