Excel Automation unable to open file

Cannot access the file make sure it exists and you have permission

Microsoft Excel cannot access the file $path to file$. There are several possible reasons:

• The file name or path does not exist.
• The file is being used by another program.
• The workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook.

I was receiving this error while I was implementing excel automation in a WCF service

Oddly all you have to do is create two folders, or one if you are running a 32BIT OS

64 bit

·Windows 2008 Server x64

Please make this folder.


32 bit

·Windows 2008 Server x86

Please make this folder.


Update This is also happening in Windows Server 2012 R2

but the usual fix didn’t work. Oddly enough another folder is required

Windows SERVER 2012 R2

So it would seem that a folder named “Desktop” is required in the systemprofile folder in order that excel automation can open files

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