SSDT for VS2017 – unattended install

download the install bootstrapper from Microsoft

create an offline install layout (optional)

Now that is complete, you can run the install manually or unattended

You must make a decision at this point. If you develop in Visual Studio, and you need to create installer projects as well as SSRS and SSIS projects, then you must install SSDT to a separate instance of Visual Studio. This requires the use of the installer flag “INSTALLVSSQL”, this tells the installer to create a separate instance of visual studio during installation
To view the options run c:\vs2017SSDT>SSDT-Setup-ENU /?

To kick the installer off unattended, you can either use /passive or /quiet

2 thoughts on “SSDT for VS2017 – unattended install”

  1. I was able to install SSDT unattended but recently this has stopped working. Interested to know whether you have the same experience.

    I’m using roughly the same code as you. I take my cue from

    $InstallerURI = ‘’
    $InstallerName = ‘SSDT-Setup-ENU.exe’
    $logFilePath = “$env:TEMP\ssdtlog.txt”
    $ArgumentList = (‘/install’, ‘INSTALLVSSQL’, ‘/passive’, ‘/norestart’, “/log "$logFilePath“”)

    But the install eventually hangs. Repeatibility of unattended installs is the hardest thing with Microsoft toolchains.

    1. Hi Stephane

      Yes Microsoft have admitted there is currently a problem trying to install the Data tools for VS 2017. They are working to resolve the problem and release the updated installer. When it is resolved i’ll update this post to reflect any changes

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