Unable to Sync Microsoft Account on Domain Jonined PC

If you have a domain joined windows 10 pc you have just installed, you’ll notice you can’t add your Microsoft account anymore

If you still have access to you old registry hive, from the computer you had before that was windows 10, domain joined and synching your Microsoft account then you are in luck because you can port it to your new machine.
As long as you are logging into your new domain joined machine with the same domain account as before, the SID needs to matchup.

Hers is how

  1. Download a good registry hive viewer
  2. Get your old registry hive
  3. load it
  4. Export the old key with the sync details
  5. import into your new machine profile

Download Registry Viewer, its old and trusted from “regview.7z” here or I have a copy regview

Get your hands on the old Default Registry Hive from you old machine. You might need to override security settings to get to it %systemroot%\windows\system32\config\ there’s a file with no extension called “DEFAULT”

Open Registry Viewer and load the “DEFAULT” hive

Export the children of the following key

Double click on the exported registry key to bring into your new user hive

Voila your done

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