Network Adapter – profile domain network (unauthenticated)

Ever Had the issue of an unauthenticated network adapter on a domain computer?

Perhaps you migrated the OS to a new SSD
Or perhaps you installed a new motherboard
Or maybe you did another other of the triggers for the domain controller to stop trusting the computer

Most posts Ive seen to resolve this is disjoin and rejoin the machine to the domain.
That’s just not a great solution for many reasons

So here’s how we do it the proper way

  • Navigate to Active Directory Users and computers
  • Find the computer with the problem
  • Right click and “Reset Account” this doesnt do anything to the users, just the computer

Then on the computer run this

Now reboot the computer and all should be well

if its still up this is the source of this info

How to fix the trust relationship between workstations and the Active Directory Domain

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