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Network Adapter – profile domain network (unauthenticated)

Ever Had the issue of an unauthenticated network adapter on a domain computer?

Perhaps you migrated the OS to a new SSD
Or perhaps you installed a new motherboard
Or maybe you did another other of the triggers for the domain controller to stop trusting the computer

Most posts Ive seen to resolve this is disjoin and rejoin the machine to the domain.
That’s just not a great solution for many reasons

So here’s how we do it the proper way

  • Navigate to Active Directory Users and computers
  • Find the computer with the problem
  • Right click and “Reset Account” this doesnt do anything to the users, just the computer

Then on the computer run this

Now reboot the computer and all should be well

if its still up this is the source of this info

How to fix the trust relationship between workstations and the Active Directory Domain

WordPress – Paste image from clipboard

I’ve wanted to be able to paste images directly from the clipboard into blog posts for a while now but never got around to looking for the plugin.

Here is the plugin i recommend by Jorn Lund
install enable and you can then paste directly into posts in the “visual” editor mode like the one below

The plugin inserts the binary directly into the page with the correct formatting like this <img src=”data:image/png;base64,<the binary data>/>


Unable to Sync Microsoft Account on Domain Jonined PC

If you have a domain joined windows 10 pc you have just installed, you’ll notice you can’t add your Microsoft account anymore

If you still have access to you old registry hive, from the computer you had before that was windows 10, domain joined and synching your Microsoft account then you are in luck because you can port it to your new machine.
As long as you are logging into your new domain joined machine with the same domain account as before, the SID needs to matchup.

Hers is how

  1. Download a good registry hive viewer
  2. Get your old registry hive
  3. load it
  4. Export the old key with the sync details
  5. import into your new machine profile

Download Registry Viewer, its old and trusted from “regview.7z” here or I have a copy regview

Get your hands on the old Default Registry Hive from you old machine. You might need to override security settings to get to it %systemroot%\windows\system32\config\ there’s a file with no extension called “DEFAULT”

Open Registry Viewer and load the “DEFAULT” hive

Export the children of the following key

Double click on the exported registry key to bring into your new user hive

Voila your done

SSDT for VS2017 – unattended install

download the install bootstrapper from Microsoft

create an offline install layout (optional)

Now that is complete, you can run the install manually or unattended

You must make a decision at this point. If you develop in Visual Studio, and you need to create installer projects as well as SSRS and SSIS projects, then you must install SSDT to a separate instance of Visual Studio. This requires the use of the installer flag “INSTALLVSSQL”, this tells the installer to create a separate instance of visual studio during installation
To view the options run c:\vs2017SSDT>SSDT-Setup-ENU /?

To kick the installer off unattended, you can either use /passive or /quiet

sql management studio Timeout expired

sql management studio Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

This can be a pain when you want to make changes that affect tables with large quantities of data

There are three location syou will need to check

In managament studio

Tools > options > Query Execution > SQL server > General

verify Execution time-out. for unlimited timeout set to 0

Tools > options > Designers > Table and Database designers

verify Transaction time-out. for unlimited timeout set to 0

when you first make the database connection, in the connection window popup, click on “options”. select the “connection properties” tab and verify the “connection time-out” and “execution time-out” are set to your liking. once again 0 is unlimited

CSS – Centre element to parent / page

Two ways to centre horizontally on your web page

using min-width and max-width. Use this when you need your element to be a fixed height from the top of the window

using absolute and width. use this when you want to be dead centre of the window

Configure ASP.NET WebAPI to default to JSON

you’ll need to add newtonsoft json to your project.

Application start, add the initialisation code

Now the code itself.

WhatsApp – network ports TCP/UDP

To Enable WhatsApp open these ports TCP/UDP

I had an issue with users trying to make video calls on WhatsApp, they simply couldn’t, so i spent some time on this and can safely say if you open these ports, WhatsApp will work for Data messages, Voice and Video calls.

  • TCP (4244, 5222, 5223, 5242) outbound
  • UDP (3478, 45395) send and recieve