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BES Pro Install

Im about to configure Blackberry Enterprise Server Professional edition (BESPro) in our work place.
We use MDA’s paired up with OWA to our exchange but several people have been complaining about their devices being very slow and combersome.
I decided to imlement BESPro and enable the devices for email and calendar sync, the mobile provider can provide the remaining services such as web browsing and BB messenger.

Anyway i was most of the way into the installation when i bumped into a problem with MSDE edition of the install. If you don’t have a default DB with MSDE installed, the BB installer doesnt prompt to create a DB, infact it doesnt do anything it fails to connect. So firstly you have to download MSDE from microsoft and go through the install sequence, at some point it will ask you if you would like to create a default db, select yes and complete the install.

Next up make sure that all the connection methods are enabled in the db for that default db, namely TCPIP and named pipes (use the SQL Server Configuration Manageer console to do this, dont forget to restart the instance of MSSQL in the services console).

Now in your bb installer you can give the default db instance name, if it asks you if you want to create a new DB “BESMgmt” say yes, once its created the new DB you must grant either the local admin group or the bb account relevant access permissions under the security node of the DB, otherwise when you come to activate your installation by filling in the license details it will fail to connect because the installer does not create the security permission. You will see this error in the log file [PIPTOOL]: Failed to update the license keys as no database connections.